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Jan 07, 2014

Have you recently seen a resemblance of Jesus?  A lady visited the famed passion play in Oberammergau in Germany.  All the villagers play parts in the story.  The play is three hour

Dec 11, 2013

The end of 2013 is fast approaching.   Some of you may be pondering New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe to eat more healthfully, or to begin an exercise program or perh

Nov 19, 2013

     Jesus sat there allowing a woman to kiss his feet.  Talk about being submissive!  Read this beautiful story in Luke 7:44-50.  Was this acceptable in that culture

Sep 06, 2013
I would like to lose things. Some things. I think you would too, is that true? You would be happy to lose your fears, lose your worries, your irritability, ...
Jul 02, 2013

Every month that begins seems to require a little reorientation all over again and perhaps new resolutions.  Is this really July?

Pastor's Corner

Feb 16, 2014

The Foursome


I don’t play golf but when I hear my friends talk about playing, I often hear the word “foursome”.  What is that? It simply means that two players compete against the other two by alternately hitting the same ball for that team until they get it into the cup.  Four players make two teams and thus a “foursome”.

I do play table tennis and we do something similar. One person hits the ball and when it comes back, the other team player on the same side of the table, must hit it back.  This is called playing “doubles” and it also involves four players. We have a lot of fun and a whole lot of laughs because of the weird angles the ball is placed on a small 5’x9’ table.

Again, I don’t play golf but I have heard that there is a lot of close communication, laughter and relationship building during a match.  When someone is invited into a foursome they are invited into conversation and close approximation to the other three people.  Golfers really get to know each other better during the match.

The Best Foursome

There is another “foursome” that I have been invited into.  The communication and the personally getting to know parts of that foursome are great, even fantastic.  The foursome includes a standing trio. Three who are not just a team but ONE in all things. They never compete against each (each?) OTHER unless in a sense they try to outdo ONE ANOTHER by serving the OTHER. Odd to us, they do not see themselves as “they” or “trio”. They are ONE and it is a mystery we can’t fathom.  We call the ONE, God, and try to describe that ONENESS as Holy Trinity.

But a foursome? Yes, you guessed it, the fourth member of that foursome is each individual human that has ever lived and that lives today. (I have to go personal now.)  I’m in a foursome with God. I round out the foursome not as ONE but invited to be one with God. (“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. John 17:20-21)


That foursome is there for me every day. It is not on the golf course or in a gym but in a quiet room at my house. There I kneel down with the rest of my foursome and enter into close and wonderful communication. The other three of that foursome know me inside and out but I come and enter in to know them and know that I’m known by them/ONE. What a foursome it is! My own unique foursome and I know of nothing better in the entire world than to spend time in my own foursome.