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Jan 07, 2014

Have you recently seen a resemblance of Jesus?  A lady visited the famed passion play in Oberammergau in Germany.  All the villagers play parts in the story.  The play is three hour

Dec 11, 2013

The end of 2013 is fast approaching.   Some of you may be pondering New Year’s Resolutions.  Maybe to eat more healthfully, or to begin an exercise program or perh

Nov 19, 2013

     Jesus sat there allowing a woman to kiss his feet.  Talk about being submissive!  Read this beautiful story in Luke 7:44-50.  Was this acceptable in that culture

Sep 06, 2013
I would like to lose things. Some things. I think you would too, is that true? You would be happy to lose your fears, lose your worries, your irritability, ...
Jul 02, 2013

Every month that begins seems to require a little reorientation all over again and perhaps new resolutions.  Is this really July?

Pastor's Corner

Apr 22, 2014



The sign that spring has truly come for me in Minnesota is

found at one place that I usually go each week.  Just outside

of the Community Gym at the local college at 10:00 PM I walk

out and there it is. I have never seen it because it is invisible.

It is an auditory sign.


Across the highway is a swampy lowland area. It is from there that

I hear what I consider to be beautiful music to my formerly covered winter

ears. It rivals Beethoven and

Ravel and even rivals Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring”.

It is the sound of great joy. The sound of little green creatures jumping around

 and singing praises to their Creator. (Looking for a mate and finding one

deserves praise!)  Chirping frogs are what I’ve waited for during a long winter.

Finally they cry out with their welcome announcement.


The White Throated Sparrow is back. The Geese down by the river awoke me

this morning.  I’ve watched the Gold Finches turn a little more yellow each day.

Spring is here in actuality. I knew it would come. It only seemed that it would not.


I read my bible and hear the promises of Jesus. “I’ll be back.” My ears seem cold

in this winter bleak world but I await the sound of His coming. Maybe a loud trumpet like

sound that rattles the world? I’m more than ready for that coming as well!